Purchase Healthy, Beautiful Trees

Visit our tree farm to find the ideal trees for your property

At Corkscrew Tree LLC, we grow trees at our expansive nursery and sell them wholesale. When you enter our tree farm, you'll find a wide variety of native species growing and thriving. You're sure to find the right trees to accent your commercial property. All our trees are grown using eco-friendly practices.

Stop by our tree farm today to learn about our eco-friendly practices and buy wholesale trees.

Pick out the perfect trees

Pick out the perfect trees

Check out the tree farm at Corkscrew Tree to find healthy native trees for sale. Our tree care experts can help you choose the right trees for your property.

The species we grow and sell include:

  • Sabal palm trees
  • Southern live oaks
  • Green buttonwoods
  • Silver buttonwoods
  • Mahogany
Contact us today to place an order for sabal palm or green buttonwood trees. We'll be glad to answer all your questions about our nursery and tree farm.